American dreams and the state of statelessness

Jasper Johns Flag MOMA

Review of Stateless in Tablet When I was at Limmud last month, I had a chance to see a new documentary on the Soviet-Jewish immigration of the late '80s, called Stateless. I also got to review it for Tablet Magazine and naturally, I think you should ... Continue Reading »

A Soviet-Jewish nightmare comes true on The Americans

Well. That was gut-wrenching. I'm a little speechless. Our anti-hero protagonists just reached into my own personal life and gave it a shake. Or, more to the point, it's like the KGB reached out and tapped my parents on the shoulders — really, every ... Continue Reading »

Why I can’t stop watching The Americans

Can we talk about The Americans? Let's talk about The Americans. Because no one in my Russian-Jewish circles is talking about this show, and now they've got a storyline about Soviet-Jews and you should all start watching it. Even Gary Shteyngart is ... Continue Reading »

Limmud FSU Canada is coming in October

I've mentioned this before, but now there's a website, so it's real - Limmud FSU is coming to Canada in October. Of course you'll be there, right? The organizing committee went on a planning retreat in January (that'd be the one where I yakked ... Continue Reading »

12 things I learned about Soviet childhood from my Bukvar

After my last post, one of my cousins got nostalgic for her old Bukvar and thought she’d try to buy one online. She found one on Amazon, to the tune of $2,450. My heart is breaking that I didn’t have the fortitude to do anything more useful with mine ... Continue Reading »

Russian Bukvar for beginners – How I almost didn’t learn Russian

I wrote a bit last time about one of my 'immigrant identity crisis' vignettes that I shared at the Limmud retreat. But it started with an assignment, to bring an artifact, or object, from home about our Russian-Jewish heritage. When you and your ... Continue Reading »