Twitter highlights the banal in food

August 27, 2010
food writers on Twitter, here with mini-donuts

Are you a food writer? Do you tweet? Josh Ozersky, Time food writer, has something to say to you. You’re boring. Your tweets suck. Food writers on Twitter suck. There. Phew, done. Said. Finally. It’s refreshing to hear a food writer say this aloud. Ozersky has essentially highlighted all the absurdity of a culture saturated…

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No frills, but plenty of multiculturalism

August 24, 2010
Food and multiculturalism at No Frills in Canada

While I was ranting about $8 chocolate bars yesterday, I got to thinking about No Frills, where we get a lot of our groceries. What Canadian doesn’t like to rave about our open-minded multiculturalism, and especially the eating part? It’s easier than trying to dissect international politics, or talk critically about the ways in which…

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Sometimes, a chocolate bar is just a chocolate bar

August 20, 2010
Hersheys label for anti-artisan chocolate bar

(Warning: The following rant has not been brought to you by sustainable, artisan chocolate or fair-trade coffee. In fact, it’s been sitting around on ye old to-do list for coming on three weeks now. I guess we can call it a well-aged rant.) In short, can we please, please stop trying to find meaning in…

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Refusenik Documentary Screening Part 3: We Weren't All Refuseniks

August 18, 2010

*This is the third in the series on the Refusenik documentary. Read the first two posts here (Part 1: Defining Moments) and here (Part 2: The Rescuers and the Rescued). As I wrote in my first post on the Refusenik documentary screening, the evening gave me a chance to see the different levels of knowledge…

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Refusenik Documentary Screening Part 2: The Rescuers and the Rescued

August 17, 2010

*This is the second in a series. Missed my earlier posts? Catch up here: Refusenik Documentary Screening Part 1: Defining Moments I was talking recently about the Refusenik documentary and my Edmonton screening to a couple of people, both Canadian Jews here in Toronto. The Soviet-Jewry cause had been a monumental issue for Canadian and…

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Refusenik Documentary Screening Part 1: Defining Moments

August 3, 2010

*This is the first in a series. Read part 2 here: Refusenik Documentary Screening Part 2: The Rescuers and the Rescued A few weeks ago, I did a film screening in Edmonton for a small group of Soviet Jews, all family friends, who I’ve previously interviewed for my project. The film is Refusenik, a documentary…

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Links (or Letting Others Do the Thinking)

July 24, 2010
I heart feminism grafitti

Too many links. Not enough time to comment with the wit and/or intelligence deserved. So, a link round-up. Now known  among more enlightened (ok, smarmy) internets circles as “curating.” Not to be confused with that thing people with degrees do in museums. What Leads to ‘Burqa Rage’ (The Sisterhood | Are we doing too…

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Circumcision and the irrational moments of life

July 23, 2010
Circumcision and Russian Jews: the tools

So circumcision. Or, circumcision and Russian Jews, specifically. I’ve been neglecting this blog lately (vacations, dead computers, more vacations…), and why not jump back in with something that’s sure to upset someone, somewhere. In a post titled “Taking On The Difficult Obligation of Brit Milah,” on The Forward‘s Sisterhood blog, Debra Nussbaum Cohen defends the…

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Soviet Jewry movement Leningrad hijacking in New York Times

June 21, 2010
Aeroflot Soviet-era plane like the one used in the Leningrad hijacking

Update: Gal Beckerman talks to the Forward about the Leningrad hijacking in this week’s Reporters’ Roundtable podcast: “Remembering a Milestone the Soviet Jewry Movement.” The interview begins at about the four minute mark. Beckerman also talks about where the hijackers live today and how they view their contribution to the Soviet Jewry movement: “They really…

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Food police: Whither the voice of reason?

June 18, 2010
Food police and cookies

Sheryl Kirby, the blogger behind Save Your Fork… There’s Pie and Taste T.O., posted on this great article in the Vancouver Sun on the backlash to the food police, “Consumers Fed Up With Food Politics.” That special place in my heart where my inner Albertan resides, silently seething against well-meaning Ontario and its progressive socially-minded…

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