Links Round-Up: Winter Olympics, Sochi-style

February 25, 2014

A number of people have asked me in the last few weeks whether I have any national pride for Russia during these Sochi Olympics. Maybe it’s all the writing I’ve been doing the last few years, but I don’t think I’ve ever been asked before about cheering on another country. It’s never even occurred to…

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Friday Links: The no room for DIY parenting in the office of the future edition

March 15, 2013
DIY Parenting

1. DIY parenting is the opposite of feminism The Atlantic takes up one of my favourite topics – the crazy effort required of DIY parenting. You know the kind, where parents (read: mothers) make their own baby food (ok, I did that, it’s called a blender and it’s closer than the grocery store), grow their…

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Friday Links: The Stalin ruins Women’s Day edition

March 8, 2013
Translated Soviet Women's Day Poster from 1932

Once upon a time, I used to post Monday links. I’m bringing them back, but on Friday. Because I actually have time to think of smart posts on the weekend. Not so much on Fridays. It is a weird week when the 60th anniversary of Stalin’s death rolls around and it’s also (almost) International Women’s Day.…

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Monday Links – The some people have real problems and some people have baby carrots edition

April 4, 2011
Baby carrots as junk food

The last few weeks have been heavy with Russian/Soviet Jewish links, so we’re lightening things up a little this week with a peek into that phenomenon known as “first world problems,” or, “not really a problem at all.” Why You Shouldn’t Buy Girl Guide Cookies – Save Your Fork Just when you thought Girl Guide…

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Monday Links – Russia loves Raymond, nobody loves cannibalism edition

March 28, 2011
Exporting Raymond movie poster

This week’s links round-up starts with a snicker before getting into the heavy stuff. “And then, the Russians called…” – Global Post The creator of Everyone Loves Raymond is invited to make a Russian version of the show. Of course he makes a video about it. Of course you should watch it. Muscovite Lives, Entangled…

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Monday links – The super Soviet, super Jew-y edition

March 21, 2011

It’s been a while since I did a links round-up, so let’s just call this one the super-belated, super-Soviet edition. Did Britain try to assassinate Lenin? – BBC Zev Yaroslavsky: From Soviet Jewry Activist to L.A. Mayor? – Forward Diaspora? What Diaspora? – Scary Azeri blog The Fashions of the War Times – Real USSR…

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Monday Links – Socialist Cuba beats out Park Slope Food Coop edition

February 21, 2011
Park Slope Food Coop sign

This week’s link round-up… Ill Doctrine Someone who tells it like it is without angry ranting—a much under-appreciated skill. I’m also including a few of his YouTube videos I particularly liked: How To Tell People They Sound Racist, Why I’m Happy, Why I’m Not Satisfied, A Case of Morals, No Accounting for Taste, The Wall-E…

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Monday Links – The skinny cans for skinny gals edition

February 14, 2011
Pepsi truck for Pepsi skinny cans post

Some assorted links from the past week or so… A real life look at the Gulag – The Washington Post A Hollywood movie about the gulag? How did I miss this? Anne Applebaum muses on the interplay between fact-based movies and the Hollywood insistence on happy endings. Good Future, Bad Future: on the Unauthenticated Avant-Garde…

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Lego and Monopoly: What's history got to do with it?

November 29, 2010

A few links that have been hanging around in my bookmarks and Twitter feed… a lot of video, a little bit of Lego, a little bit of Monopoly… History via Lego Up above, we have the complete history of Soviet-Russia for children, told through Lego. Need I say more? (If you liked that, you should…

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Blah, blah, authenticity, blah, blah, shtetl

November 25, 2010
Food poverty and authenticity - woman on a bike in a modern-day shtetl in Ukraine

Things recently noted on the food front, all courtesy of the New York Times… (The short version, if you don’t want to scroll down – we have issues around food poverty and authenticity.) Exhibit A GROWING up in Montreal, Noah Bernamoff had an issue with his mother’s kasha varnishkes. “My mom’s had so much kasha…

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