Teaching history through games: Are some things off-limits?

February 1, 2011
Monopoly ship piece representing teaching history through games

In my last post, I talked about a new Monopoly game in Poland, which is being used to teach children about communism. I also talked about a role-playing game I participated in at summer camp, just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, where we played Soviet Jews trying to escape the country. Come to…

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Go Soviet at the CNE

September 9, 2010
Soviet military souvenirs at the CNE in Toronto

There is a buyer for everything. Like these Soviet military souvenirs (ok, let’s call a tchotchke a tchotchke), which we spotted at a Russia booth in the international pavilion at the CNE. Best of all, they’re not even originals. There are enough customers to warrant reproductions. Some of the items looked genuine, but most were…

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