The kitchen-bot revolution 2—And a robo-chef in every kitchen

March 24, 2010
Cover for The I Hate to Cook Book by Peggy Bracken

(This is the second of two posts on “Mombot.” In my first post, I talked about the gender dynamics of kitchen-bots and found that there was surprisingly little to say about it, compared to other models of service robots that have been developed.) The New York Times headline that first grabbed my attention—“Just Like Mombot…

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The kitchen-bot revolution 1—this ain’t your mama’s kitchen

March 18, 2010
The Jetsons with their robot housemaid

(This is the first of two posts on “Mombot.” It may not be quite the gender apocalypse that is the catwalk fembot, but the possibility of a kitchen robot raises some interesting issues about who is, and who should, be doing the cooking in our sustainability obsessed food culture. The next post will be up…

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