Monday Links – The skinny cans for skinny gals edition

Pepsi truck for Pepsi skinny cans post

Some assorted links from the past week or so…

A real life look at the GulagThe Washington Post
A Hollywood movie about the gulag? How did I miss this? Anne Applebaum muses on the interplay between fact-based movies and the Hollywood insistence on happy endings.

Good Future, Bad Future: on the Unauthenticated Avant-GardeIdiom
What to do about a cache of Russian avant-garde paintings discovered in an unclaimed shipping container in Germany?

The Moral Crusade Against FoodiesThe Atlantic
Foodies get a thumpin’ for their gluttonous ways, with shades of biblical-style morality

Do we need a moral crusade against foodies?
And the moral crusader gets his comeuppance

Millennials: Stop overemphasizing your youth – Justice for All [Updated – link no longer available]
A much-needed smackdown of youth culture—the millennial hand-wringing about their youth and quarter-life crisis overlooks the experience, wisdom and leadership conferred by age.

The Tweet That Made Me Famous (and what I meant by it)Fink or Swim
A blogging rabbi asks how we can be offended at Groupon’s Tibet ad, but continually oblivious to the objectification of women in EVERY. OTHER. AD.

Pepsi debuts skinny
Pepsi is marketing a new, skinny soda. No, it’s not skinny in terms of ingredients, it’s just in taller, slimmer packaging. Yep, it’s “a celebration of beautiful, confident women.” And it’s debuting for fashion week, no less. You don’t really need me to point out all the ways it’s so obviously offensive, do you?

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