The Soviet Samovar – Russian-Jewish news, events and culture

The Soviet Samovar is the only Russian-Jewish newsletter of its kind – a round-up of Russian-Jewish news, events and culture. I mostly include North American news, but often Israeli and FSU updates make their way in as well. It comes out once a month. You can also follow the Soviet Samovar on Facebook, for extras like photos, videos and other assorted links that don’t make it into the newsletter.

Those cool people over at Jewcy have some nice things to say about the Soviet Samovar… And nice things to say about me too, in their annual Big Jewcy list.

…a shnazzy new newsletter rounding up intriguing Soviet Jewish-related posts on her fantastic website, and possibly the only of its kind, that loyally connects readers with a largely unrelated story, the collective mass of individual experiences of North American Soviet Jewish immigrants. –

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