Stumbling into Syrian cuisine while searching for a Soviet-Russian seder tradition

April 7, 2017
Soviet-Russian seder traditions - Syrian Roasted Lamb Shanks recipe

It starts, as these things so often do, with food. My (non-Jewish) partner and I, recently reunited after a short separation, in the sad bachelor apartment where he had temporarily landed. Where familiar, lonely kitchen things still glared at me woefully, bereft of their mates that had landed up in my kitchen. Where we bumped into each…

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Live, in the kitchen, from Moscow

September 26, 2011
The Kitchen Debate - Nixon and Kruschev meeting in Moscow at the American National Exhibition, 1959

So this happened – 1959, Moscow, at the Kruschev and Nixon meeting in, where else, a kitchen. It took the Kremlin until 1959 to realize how starved for things the nation was. In July of that year, Moscow’s Sokolniki Park hosted the American National Exhibition. …In just two week two million Russians had had their…

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When all is fleeting anyway, food becomes everything (Immigrant Decor Part 5)

August 4, 2011
Russian Salad Olivier - Russian version of potato salad

If I had a Russian food blog, it would be something like The Gastronomical Me, by Katrina K., a transplanted Russian who lives in London. And, if I loved in London, I would be crashing her monthly Soviet brunch club. As it is, I may have to start my own version in Toronto. In the…

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Hindu gods, the Alberta way (Immigrant Decor Part 3)

July 26, 2011

Our next submission on the things we take with us growing up in immigrant homes is from writer Scaachi Koul, who writes about her distance from her Indian background. Scaachi is currently interning over at Huffington Post Canada. She also keeps a personal blog, Big Fists, where she’s recently started an advice column featuring her…

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Soviet Georgian soup is reclaimed as Shabbat meal

May 9, 2011
Soviet soup pot for kharcho, a Soviet Georgian soup

Please check out my recent post on the Forward/Jew & Carrot blog, as part of their Shabbat meals series. Previous contributors include Claudia Roden, one of my kitchen heroes, and Joan Nathan, so I was very flattered to have my kharcho, a Soviet Georgian soup, included among such company. If you are Russian, then you…

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Professional kitchens get gentrified while foodies pretend to be ordinary folk

June 16, 2010
Celebrity chef shows how to prepare chicken wings for sailors at naval station

A story by Lisa Abend in Time this week, “Kitchen Gods,” chronicles the rise of the celebrity chef and the role of “the global hum of diligent foodies at their keyboards” in creating rock star chefs. Ok, so the chef as rock star isn’t anything new. I mean, unless you’ve been living under a rock,…

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The kitchen-bot revolution 2—And a robo-chef in every kitchen

March 24, 2010
Cover for The I Hate to Cook Book by Peggy Bracken

(This is the second of two posts on “Mombot.” In my first post, I talked about the gender dynamics of kitchen-bots and found that there was surprisingly little to say about it, compared to other models of service robots that have been developed.) The New York Times headline that first grabbed my attention—“Just Like Mombot…

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The kitchen-bot revolution 1—this ain’t your mama’s kitchen

March 18, 2010
The Jetsons with their robot housemaid

(This is the first of two posts on “Mombot.” It may not be quite the gender apocalypse that is the catwalk fembot, but the possibility of a kitchen robot raises some interesting issues about who is, and who should, be doing the cooking in our sustainability obsessed food culture. The next post will be up…

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