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About Lea Zeltserman

Born in St. Petersburg back when it was Leningrad, I landed on the lucky side of history to grow up in Canada. I was raised between prairies and Rockies, in Edmonton, Alberta, and now call Toronto home. I'm a writer and cultural observer on all things Russian and Jewish — if it's about our immigration, food or history, I'm probably interested and I've definitely got something to say.


My work on on contemporary Russian-Jewish immigration, issues and culture, has appeared in the Walrus, Forward, Tablet, Saveur and others. I've also written on technology, food, and gender.

Public Speaking - Soviet-Jewish Food

I've spoken on Soviet-Jewish food to groups at Ashkenaz Toronto and (forthcoming) for Hillel Ontario.


Soviet Samovar, a monthly round-up of Russian-Jews news, events and culture. Sign up.

An oral history of the Soviet Jewish immigration in the pre-collapse period. This means mostly the 1970s, but stretching into the late '80s. Learn more and share your story.

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