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Appropriate Reading for Russian Vacations

It began with the first line, where, waiting to drop off my own visa application, I spent the 3 hours reading Maxim Shrayer’s Waiting for America about his summer as a refugee in Italy. My own Italian paperwork – proof of a citizenship removed – was tucked safely away in my bag. Then it was Olga Gershenson’s forthcoming The Phantom Holocaust (more on that later) while waiting to pick up the visa a couple weeks later.

I’m reviewing the list of books I think I can read in a two-week family vacation-down-memory lane, and the situation is not improving. Highlights include:

Oh, and a re-read of a gulag memoir from a family friend.


Read Russia Anthology coverWaiting on my iPad, I have a copy of the Read Russia anthology. It goes well with the lengthy list of summer reading I just sent out in the June issue of the Soviet Samovar.

They don’t still pay attention to what people are reading over there, right?

Perhaps I should just give up and go for something simple. Like this.

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  1. I don’t know if you read Russian, but Maxim Shrayer’s father, David Shrayer-Petrov, wrote a book called “Eti strannye russkie evrei”. It’s 2 short novels in one book, and it’s beautiful.

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