The Big Jewcy 2011 – I’ve been listified

The Big Jewcy 2011 list

My first list! I’m incredibly flattered and honoured to be among some very fine (and much more deserving) company for the Big Jewcy 2011 list from

The Big Jewcy: Lea Zeltserman – Blogging The Soviet Jewish Experience

And make sure to take a look at the full list (which is still being updated daily) and the 2010 list.

A huge thanks to Jewcy editor-in-chief, Jason Diamond, for taking an interest in my work, and to Margarita Korol, urban pop artist and art director at, for the interview and introducing me to the term “Jewkrainian”. Her art is heavily influenced by things Soviet (her latest exhibit is called Propaglasnost), and you can see it on her website.

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