Refusenik Documentary Screening Part 4: Soviet Dinner, or Sausage Nostalgia

August 31, 2010 /
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This is the last of my posts on the Refusenik documentary screening. Catch up on the earlier posts: Part 1: Defining Moments; Part 2: The Rescuers and the Rescued; and Part 3: We Weren’t All Refuseniks. To give you a sense of how this little Soviet dinner event happened, it really started out as a…

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Twitter highlights the banal in food

August 27, 2010 / Comments Off on Twitter highlights the banal in food
food writers on Twitter, here with mini-donuts

Are you a food writer? Do you tweet? Josh Ozersky, Time food writer, has something to say to you. You’re boring. Your tweets suck. Food writers on Twitter suck. There. Phew, done. Said. Finally. It’s refreshing to hear a food writer say this aloud. Ozersky has essentially highlighted all the absurdity of a culture saturated…

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No frills, but plenty of multiculturalism

August 24, 2010 / Comments Off on No frills, but plenty of multiculturalism
Food and multiculturalism at No Frills in Canada

While I was ranting about $8 chocolate bars yesterday, I got to thinking about No Frills, where we get a lot of our groceries. What Canadian doesn’t like to rave about our open-minded multiculturalism, and especially the eating part? It’s easier than trying to dissect international politics, or talk critically about the ways in which…

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Sometimes, a chocolate bar is just a chocolate bar

August 20, 2010 / Comments Off on Sometimes, a chocolate bar is just a chocolate bar
Hersheys label for anti-artisan chocolate bar

(Warning: The following rant has not been brought to you by sustainable, artisan chocolate or fair-trade coffee. In fact, it’s been sitting around on ye old to-do list for coming on three weeks now. I guess we can call it a well-aged rant.) In short, can we please, please stop trying to find meaning in…

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Food police: Whither the voice of reason?

June 18, 2010 /
Food police and cookies

Sheryl Kirby, the blogger behind Save Your Fork… There’s Pie and Taste T.O., posted on this great article in the Vancouver Sun on the backlash to the food police, “Consumers Fed Up With Food Politics.” That special place in my heart where my inner Albertan resides, silently seething against well-meaning Ontario and its progressive socially-minded…

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Professional kitchens get gentrified while foodies pretend to be ordinary folk

June 16, 2010 /
Celebrity chef shows how to prepare chicken wings for sailors at naval station

A story by Lisa Abend in Time this week, “Kitchen Gods,” chronicles the rise of the celebrity chef and the role of “the global hum of diligent foodies at their keyboards” in creating rock star chefs. Ok, so the chef as rock star isn’t anything new. I mean, unless you’ve been living under a rock,…

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Don’t worry, we’ve got our best minds on it!

June 10, 2010 / Comments Off on Don’t worry, we’ve got our best minds on it!

Back in my vegetarian days, I generally avoided faux meat products. Partly because I turned out to be one of those people who just can’t quite buy that it tastes like the real thing. That, and I couldn’t ever get over tofurky. Can we all just agree that it’s a disturbing “food”? The rows of…

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Caffeinated conspiracies and indie economics (2)

May 20, 2010 / Comments Off on Caffeinated conspiracies and indie economics (2)
Loyalty card for Toronto Coffee Conspiracy

(This is the second of my posts on independent coffee shops and socioeconomics. The first looked more specifically at the microcosm of Cabbagetown coffee culture.) Like the Tim Hortons and Jetfuel debate in Cabbagetown, the newly formed Toronto Coffee Conspiracy (TCC), is equally applause-worthy and depressingly elitist. In an effort to encourage people to support…

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Women! Chefs! Sexism!

May 11, 2010 /
Lego woman chef figurine representing female chefs and sexism

Tired of hearing about gender bias (read: female chefs and sexism) in professional kitchens? That’s too bad, because the problem isn’t going away. Amidst the hubbub over the recent James Beard Awards, more than a few people noticed the nearly uniform lack of women on the winners’ list. Three out of 24, to be precise.…

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Caffeinated conspiracies and indie economics (1)

May 2, 2010 / Comments Off on Caffeinated conspiracies and indie economics (1)
Intelligentsia coffee beans commonly served in Toronto indie coffeeshops

(This is the first of two posts looking at Toronto indie coffee shops. My next post will talk about the recently launched Toronto Coffee Conspiracy.) When was the last time you applauded the opening of a new Tim Hortons or a Starbucks? Now think about your reaction anytime a new independent coffee shop opens up…

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