Friday Links: The no room for DIY parenting in the office of the future edition

March 15, 2013 /
DIY Parenting

1. DIY parenting is the opposite of feminism The Atlantic takes up one of my favourite topics – the crazy effort required of DIY parenting. You know the kind, where parents (read: mothers) make their own baby food (ok, I did that, it’s called a blender and it’s closer than the grocery store), grow their…

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The mommy wars vs the reality of working motherhood

August 14, 2012 / Comments Off on The mommy wars vs the reality of working motherhood
Working mothers - women welders working during World War 2

Here’s something: the US Bureau of Labour Statistics says that in 2011 only 16% of US households skewed 1950s, with a breadwinner dad and stay-at-home mom (SAHM). In Canada in 2010*, 20% of families had one parent at home – 90% of those were moms. In other words, MOST OF US WORK. (Sorry for the…

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An open letter on so-called parenting privilege in the workplace

June 18, 2011 / Comments Off on An open letter on so-called parenting privilege in the workplace
Futuristic-looking playground representing parenting privilege in the workplace

I don’t talk about parenting issues too much on this blog. But an article in the Globe and Mail yesterday (“Why is it single people who get stuck working weekends?”), arguing that parents are “privileged” in the workplace, and moreover that maternity leave is an unfair form of privilege/discrimination, left me so enraged, I have…

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Study says… "Blame mom!"

February 9, 2011 / Comments Off on Study says… "Blame mom!"
Obesity studies blaming mothers

Someone once told to me that denial is the cornerstone of civilization. Being a “glass is actually three-quarters empty” kind of person, I’m inclined to agree. And when denial meets obesity meets well-meaning studies, that glass is woefully empty. Two obesity studies blaming mothers have come out in the last few weeks. Both make a strong link between…

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Blah, blah, authenticity, blah, blah, shtetl

November 25, 2010 /
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Food poverty and authenticity - woman on a bike in a modern-day shtetl in Ukraine

Things recently noted on the food front, all courtesy of the New York Times… (The short version, if you don’t want to scroll down – we have issues around food poverty and authenticity.) Exhibit A GROWING up in Montreal, Noah Bernamoff had an issue with his mother’s kasha varnishkes. “My mom’s had so much kasha…

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Links (or Letting Others Do the Thinking)

July 24, 2010 / Comments Off on Links (or Letting Others Do the Thinking)
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I heart feminism grafitti

Too many links. Not enough time to comment with the wit and/or intelligence deserved. So, a link round-up. Now known  among more enlightened (ok, smarmy) internets circles as “curating.” Not to be confused with that thing people with degrees do in museums. What Leads to ‘Burqa Rage’ (The Sisterhood | Are we doing too…

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Circumcision and the irrational moments of life

July 23, 2010 /
Circumcision and Russian Jews: the tools

So circumcision. Or, circumcision and Russian Jews, specifically. I’ve been neglecting this blog lately (vacations, dead computers, more vacations…), and why not jump back in with something that’s sure to upset someone, somewhere. In a post titled “Taking On The Difficult Obligation of Brit Milah,” on The Forward‘s Sisterhood blog, Debra Nussbaum Cohen defends the…

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Baby dictator photos art project explores nature of evil and motherhood

June 9, 2010 /
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Baby dictator photos - baby dressed up as Stalin

I have conflicted feelings about mommy blogging. It’s an activity which, like much of online living, presupposes some kind of inherent relevance to your personal life. But what about the child as art canvas? I’m not talking Sally Mann or Tierney Gearon style photographs of their children in day-to-day life. I’m talking about costuming and…

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Women! Chefs! Sexism!

May 11, 2010 /
Lego woman chef figurine representing female chefs and sexism

Tired of hearing about gender bias (read: female chefs and sexism) in professional kitchens? That’s too bad, because the problem isn’t going away. Amidst the hubbub over the recent James Beard Awards, more than a few people noticed the nearly uniform lack of women on the winners’ list. Three out of 24, to be precise.…

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Hating Mother’s Day is as damaging as sentimentalizing it

May 10, 2010 /
Not-Happy Mother's Day graphic

Amidst yesterday’s many saccharine mother shout-outs and articles, seeing “Why I hate Mother’s Day” pop up in my Twitter feed was a breath of fresh air. Hating Mother’s Day? Of course I clicked. On a day that wallows in the sappiest of mother-cliche (If a child doesn’t pen an ode to mother’s food, does that mother…

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