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Online Reading: Born in the USSR, Raised in Canada

Born in the USSR, Raised in Canada: A Reading in Support of Ukraine

Six Canadian writers with roots in the USSR share fiction and nonfiction about life in a multiplicity of cultures, languages and identities.

This event brings together six established authors who were born in the former Soviet Union and immigrated to Canada as children. In their fiction and nonfiction they explore topics of multicultural identity, life under communism, Jewish culture, food, history, and making a home in a strange land.

This event is hosted by Punctured Lines, a feminist blog designed to highlight writing by those from the former Soviet Union now living in various diasporas and by those who live in the post-Soviet space.

Sunday, May 15, 2022
3pm EST

Online event

Making room for the Soviet in Ashkenazi food

What happens when anti-Semitism meets Bolshevik food policies? Call it Russian-Jewish food or Soviet-Jewish food, but the result is not the Russian food your bubbe may have fed you. Contact me if you're looking for a speaker on Soviet-Jewish food and history.

I also teach cooking classes on Soviet-era Russian Jewish food.

Want to know more? Read the article that started it all, Defining Soviet-Jewish Cuisine.

Please note - I only give talks in English.

Past Events

Russian Salad Class

Two Russian salads to bring in the spring — Olivier and Mimosa — for Adraba Jewish high school.

Cooking Class

Savoury Russian Zakuski Hamantaschen

Blending Russian and Jewish traditions for a Purim dish that could have been if Judaism had been permitted in the USSR.

Cooking Class

In Conversation with Darra Goldstein

Russian food, Jewish food and of course, New Year's Eve menus.


Jewish& - Building the Jewish Cookbook

Learn to make Rassolnik, a quintessential and much-loved Russian pickle soup

Cooking Class

Limmud FSU Toronto

At the Crossroads of Treyf and Rootless Cosmopolitanism — Defining Soviet-Jewish Food


Tikkun Leil Shavuot

At the Crossroads of Treyf and Rootless Cosmopolitanism — Defining Soviet-Jewish Food


Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Jewish Food Bracket - Best Jewish Food Debate


Hillel Ontario J. Lead Retreat

Can Soviet food be Jewish?


Ashkenaz Festival

Defining Soviet-Jewish Cuisine


Limmud FSU Canada

What Makes Russian-Jews Jewish?


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