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Monday Links – Socialist Cuba beats out Park Slope Food Coop edition

Park Slope Food Coop sign
Photo by wallyg

This week’s link round-up…

Ill Doctrine
Someone who tells it like it is without angry ranting—a much under-appreciated skill. I’m also including a few of his YouTube videos I particularly liked: How To Tell People They Sound Racist, Why I’m Happy, Why I’m Not Satisfied, A Case of Morals, No Accounting for Taste, The Wall-E Theory, Why Everybody Should Stop Talking

Auschwitz Shifts From Memorializing to TeachingNew York Times
I’ve written about the changing nature of online memorializing before. Here’s a look at how the bricks-and-mortar version is adapting to a changing world, especially as events move further into the past.

Little Mommy Is a Terrifying Vision of Android Baby DystopiaGizmodo
Errmmm, yeah….

Stacey May Fowles: The First TimeNational Post
One of the few “writing is like birthing” pieces I’ve ever read that didn’t make me roll my eyes.

The utter ridiculousness of hip food
A chef lambasts chefs for spurring on food trends. Smart piece, though he wrongly lets the food media off the hook for their part in pushing food trends.

At a Food Co-op, a Discordant Thought: Nannies Covering Shifts
The Park Slope food co-op is an easy target for the “do-gooderism run amock” files, but I liked this closing comment so much, I just had to share: “A friend of hers had married a Cuban immigrant, who summed up why Ms. Rivkin felt that way. ‘His assessment of the co-op is that the co-op is worse than socialism,’ she said. ‘Because at least in a socialist country, if you know the right people, you can get out of it.'”

Kosher Grocery Run — A Hop, Skip and Border Crossing AwayThe Jew and the Carrot
I’m not quite sure what to make of this, but I think it’s safe to say that if you need to drive across the border for your kosher groceries, you should probably go back and re-read the manual.

After They’re Gone, Understanding An ‘Exclusive Love’
A memoir I actually want to read. Oh, and speaking of memoirs, the New York Times went on a much-needed anti-memoirs rant a few weeks ago. Takeaways: if you’re under 25, your life isn’t nearly as exciting and noteworthy as you think it is. Same goes for the rest of you.

And finally, this week’s “so obvious, it’s not even worth commenting on” award goes to:
Get Drunk, Not Fat

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