Monday links – The super Soviet, super Jew-y edition

It’s been a while since I did a links round-up, so let’s just call this one the super-belated, super-Soviet edition.

Did Britain try to assassinate Lenin?BBC

Zev Yaroslavsky: From Soviet Jewry Activist to L.A. Mayor?Forward

Diaspora? What Diaspora?Scary Azeri blog

The Fashions of the War TimesReal USSR blog
Some surprisingly un-Soviet looks here  (and it’s more accurately the fashions of the Just-Before-The-War Times), but hey, details, schmetails.

Old wounds: Clashing versions of Lithuania’s history and how to treat itEconomist

Telling the remarkable stories of Sephardic JewsLA Times
A Muslim, a Jew, and Sarajevo from WWII to the Balkan War.

Pedal Automobiles. The Dream of Every Soviet ChildSoviet Russia
The things I missed out on growing up in Canada…

Soviet Tale About SubwayEnglish Russia
More weirdness/Soviet nostalgia

Scenes from a Krakow Cafe
Jewish life in Poland in 1980 and today.

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