Reclaiming the Soviet Holocaust film industry: My article in Tablet

Soviet Holocaust films - Olga Gershenson's Phantom Holocaust Review

I’m very excited about my latest article for Tablet on a new book about Soviet Holocaust films. The book is called The Phantom Holocaust: Soviet Cinema and Jewish Catastrophe, by Olga Gershenson. (Yes, that’s the book I was reading while waiting to pick up my visa application.)

I’m not sure I did justice to the book – it’s a big topic for which one clearly needs an entire book and years of research, but you can go see for yourself.

Mostly, I’m excited to see another step forward in the growing understanding of the Holocaust in the USSR – that it happened, that it was not the same as the rest of Europe, and that there were other war experiences for Soviet Jews, such as the army and evacuation.

So, please go read the article on Tablet. And you can also check out the website for the book, which includes some of the film clips.

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